Problem Solved?

This is interesting. A few days break due to another break (I made a funny haha… also dosed up on painkillers but that’s different) I come back and solve the minor mistakes I’d forgotten to deal with on Friday.

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The Simplest of Errors can Make an interesting problem

CompetitorAddress = inBloodType;

You would think that something you wrote 2 weeks ago and is very simple would be error free. You would also be very, very wrong.

This is also why debugging and testing every 30 minutes or so is great, you can catch little things like this early and fix them. Much better than the night before hand-in when you’re not thinking straight.

What to write when Commenting?

No I’m not dead. Yes I haven’t updated this in an age (well maybe not that long it’s only been… oh wow…). What have I been doing in the time since I last made a post? Well Skyrim mainly.

Anyway we’re back at it again with new coursework, deadlines, work and all that it entails. Here’s a little something I have to work on, most of the code is kindly provided and i just need to take what I need and apply it correctly (yay for learning). But what’s with all the green text? Comments. Little nuggets of wisdom that I as a Developer need to leave for the far future when some new Dev. looks over my code and tries to work out just what the hell I’m doing. They’re supposed to be little explanations to help with that. But really I just want to drop lots of sarcastic comments in because if you can’t work out that the AddCompetitor method is going to ‘ADD’ a ‘COMPETITOR’ to the array/list/dictionary but it will require you to provide a ‘NAME’ and ‘ADDRESS’ then clearly there’s a language barrier that I’m not aware of.

Yes it may seem like I’m ranting on that but this is part of my problem with commenting code: I just don’t know what is appropriate. Do I comment every variable with an explanation of what it is (string CompetitorName ///the Name of the Competitor) even when it’s obvious what they’re for? Same with methods, I have one called FindCompetitor, but do I really need to comment and tell you that this is a searching method? Or what it is that it will look for and find? Are you actually unable to work that out?

 Then again I could just include a recipe for chicken soup.


It’s been way too long

Oh wow I think I just went a few weeks without updating this thing. That was a mistake. So what shall we talk about?

Back to C# I guess. And coding. Wow I feel like I forgot how to do some of this but it’s all coming back to me slowly. A string is just an array of characters, parsing numbers from text, displaying numbers if they’ve been entered as an integer/decimal/other type into a string, adding to lists. All the old stuff.

And now we’re looking at Forms. Or really the front end, user interface side of programming as well as the actual programming and code that you (the user) wont ever see. And XAML. That’s going to be fun getting my head around that now too.

I guess this is really just an update that:

1: I’m alive

2: I’m still studying


There’s not really been much to do over the last week, and for the next 2 weeks until classes start back up again. I mean certainly Steam could take ever more bites out of my soul (which it certainly seems capable of doing when offering the first Dragon Age bundle so cheap), I could indulge in a few hobbies (my painting box is still full) and I could even start experimenting with my hair colour…again.

But really this time is there to relax, to rest. I’ve just done 3-4 months of pretty heavy studying assignments and exams. You need time to just stop, slow down and take a break.

Because soon I’m about to be thrown right back into the deep-end of things once more. And I want to be ready for it.