Blog Update

So I was informed of a little issue today. Short version: name dropping the company I’m interning with, as well as the software I’m working on (or taking issue with), is in general a no-no due to the potential damage it could cause.

So any future rants are going to be edited better. Oops.

That said I do have a little paint backlog/asset tracker program I really should do some more work on since it should be bringing me in some sweet little monies at some point.


Exam week has arrived…

And so it begins. If anyone needs me I’ll be hitting my head off the nearest brick wall.

That said I’m confident that I’ll pass these exams. May not hit the lofty heights of 70% or higher (equivalent to a 1st) but I’m okay with that.

Madness in the Method

And so the first big assignment for studying this course, or at least the programming side of it, came out about 2 weeks ago. Space Cheese Mining. Because Rob has a thing about Cheese apparently.

So what do we have to do? Simple really, make an 8×8 board game you can play using the console/command window (or export into XNA if you’re feeling ambitious). 4 players, 16 pieces of cheese, every takes a turn to move. Simple board gamey stuff.

The thing I’ve learnt from doing this (and I’m halfway through now) is Methods. Methods everywhere.

I could just build the entire game, board, player details, etc in one very long (and very horrible) main block. But that would mean I’d be repeating myself a lot in places. And that it would no doubt break at some point. But with Methods I’m able to slot things in and out of where I need them, repeat the same lines of code many times without having to actually write it out again.

And this makes life so much easier. That said I’m on 16 and counting, since I need a log file/AI players and other such shenanigans.

Still alive, still playing with code

So no blog post in about a week? Yeah that’s not a good idea. So what can I say with this little soapbox that I find myself on?

Well as part of learning to code in C# I’ve ended up completely re-writing that cinema entry thing. Now it looks so much better and only has one teeny-tiny flaw… if the user is anywhere near wanting to cause trouble they’ll never be able to actually end the program or trigger the little thing that should catch them being silly. On the whole though it works.

So for the next weekend I get to feel like I can actually code. Until I break something else. In which case I’ll just have to get more tea.

Walk don’t Run

You ever have one of those great ideas about something but then you realise you’re over-reaching for the level you’re actually at? Let’s use chess as an example here: you can pick up a  good chess set in most any shop for about £30, or even just a nice cheap one for under £10. Play a couple of games with it and hopefully you enjoy the game. It’s not too difficult to learn really, each piece has a restriction on how it moves and you have to stay within the confines of the board.

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