I Should Really Add to this…

So yeah. Summer project. Kind of finished really. Well apart from writing something that will create a library of discovered Artists for referencing when sorting. That’s on the to-do list sometime. But it’s the Summer so it’s kind of difficult to get motivated to do something that essentially isn’t needed really.

That said I have been messing around with XML. Nothing fancy just adding lines into a XML file so that when it gets passed through another executable they get read and ‘stuff happens’. I didn’t make that executable though (I’m not on that level just yet) but getting my head around the structure isn’t too bad a thing. Also dammit Skyrim, you’re sucking me back in. For now.


To Boldly Go…

Star Trek: Beyond. I honestly can’t think of a problem with you like I can the previous 2 films. I remembers that Star Trek is Sci-Fi adventure, with more on the Science than the Fiction, as opposed to space-action-stuff. Well worth it.

Code Pony?

So a few weeks back the great Rob Miles (of robmiles.com, the link is somewhere around here) mentioned that another lecturer in the department has a coding duck. Like others I was sceptical as to the uses of the duck, as well as it’s ability to type anything. It is after all just a rubber duck.

But then I sat down and started looking through some code for the assignment I’ve been given. And I started talking to a couple of stuffed toys I own…

And you know what just the act of talking it out with ‘someone’ helps you think and work a solution to the problem.


So here’s the code-pony, currently situated on a speaker. She’s not been great at the actual typing though and keeps trying to steal my tea…

That is highly Logical…also bumped into a new friend

General update: we’re getting to the end of what I feel it a brief introduction to Logic and Logical equations. Something which I feel has been a lot easier going in this last few weeks compared to the actual programming itself. But I’m getting there even if just on the conceptual level (“hey couldn’t we do this as a list instead of an array?” or “what about using a boolean value as a way to break that do-while loop?”). Small steps, often taken will get you to the end of the road in better shape than sprinting straight to the finish.

But that’s not really the reason for this post. Oh no, I made a new friend.

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