Blog Update

So I was informed of a little issue today. Short version: name dropping the company I’m interning with, as well as the software I’m working on (or taking issue with), is in general a no-no due to the potential damage it could cause.

So any future rants are going to be edited better. Oops.

That said I do have a little paint backlog/asset tracker program I really should do some more work on since it should be bringing me in some sweet little monies at some point.


It’s been way too long

Oh wow I think I just went a few weeks without updating this thing. That was a mistake. So what shall we talk about?

Back to C# I guess. And coding. Wow I feel like I forgot how to do some of this but it’s all coming back to me slowly. A string is just an array of characters, parsing numbers from text, displaying numbers if they’ve been entered as an integer/decimal/other type into a string, adding to lists. All the old stuff.

And now we’re looking at Forms. Or really the front end, user interface side of programming as well as the actual programming and code that you (the user) wont ever see. And XAML. That’s going to be fun getting my head around that now too.

I guess this is really just an update that:

1: I’m alive

2: I’m still studying


There’s not really been much to do over the last week, and for the next 2 weeks until classes start back up again. I mean certainly Steam could take ever more bites out of my soul (which it certainly seems capable of doing when offering the first Dragon Age bundle so cheap), I could indulge in a few hobbies (my painting box is still full) and I could even start experimenting with my hair colour…again.

But really this time is there to relax, to rest. I’ve just done 3-4 months of pretty heavy studying assignments and exams. You need time to just stop, slow down and take a break.

Because soon I’m about to be thrown right back into the deep-end of things once more. And I want to be ready for it.

Exam week has arrived…

And so it begins. If anyone needs me I’ll be hitting my head off the nearest brick wall.

That said I’m confident that I’ll pass these exams. May not hit the lofty heights of 70% or higher (equivalent to a 1st) but I’m okay with that.

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

2016 has begun, the future is here. What do you mean I’m late to the party?

That would probably be because I’ve been hard at work doing revision. Still not completely happy, but that’s all down to a lack of experience. This is why I hate exams – it’s a 2 hour test to see if you can remember information that you may or may not really understand. Give me a written assignment or project any day. That way I can work through the problem and show you I understand what I’ve been taught by actually doing it. An exam just shows I remembered something, it doesn’t show I understand it.

Not that I’m trying to make excuses or pre-empting some damage control if I don’t do as well as my peers, just that exams aren’t good for showing an understanding or capability to do anything. Just because you remember what metadata is doesn’t mean you can actually write sensible code for example.

Any way both exams are next week, I’d better get back to it.

How to Close Out the Year

So this year has had it’s ups and downs and has included a pretty huge change that affects things going forwards. Just need a moment to reflect on all of this, the people I’ve lost and are no longer part of my life but also on the things I’ve gained and the.. new.. people…in…. yeah this probably would have sounded better if I’d done a rough draft.

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Revision Time

Middle of January I have two exams. One for Programming 1 the other for Computer Systems. Which means revision time…. oh the fun!

It’s not actually all that bad, especially regarding the programming revision. Go through the notes, do a few practice bits in Visual Studio so you understand what it is you’re dealing with. Pretty simple really.

The Computer Systems on the other hand… that’s the difficult one. For example I understand the idea behind tasks, processes & threads (the way I visualise it is by making a cup of tea [the task], breaking down into it’s constituent parts of filling the kettle then switching it on [a thread¬†within the task/process] ¬†and that in a single threaded situation you do thread A before thread B). But putting that into actual Computer Science-y terms.. that still alludes me.

Still roughly three weeks to get it nailed down right?