Blog Update

So I was informed of a little issue today. Short version: name dropping the company I’m interning with, as well as the software I’m working on (or taking issue with), is in general a no-no due to the potential damage it could cause.

So any future rants are going to be edited better. Oops.

That said I do have a little paint backlog/asset tracker program I really should do some more work on since it should be bringing me in some sweet little monies at some point.


And this is how it Starts…

Not with a bang, or an explosion, but with realising two things.

Firstly that I need to keep some kind of diary or notes over the next year or so relating to the internship I’ve just started. And secondly that I’ve left this alone for way longer than I really should.

Oh yeah I started an internship with the on-campus software house Seed. Been there 4 days so far, and it’s been an interesting first week. From spending days just looking over CodeProject examples, Googling and looking at StackOverflow for how to build programs in this style we’re working with to having to kill almost an entire day waiting for machines to be re-imaged and have Admin. status granted to us (at time of writing this still hasn’t happened).

So what has this week entailed? Working on the MVVM (Model-View-View Model) styling for an equipment manager that’s in turn linked to a SQL database that’s going to be in concurrent use with a MVC styled website. And when you’ve never done MVVM before that’s actually a pretty cool thing to be working with. That or I’m just crazy.

So yeah nothing major in this little update. Except that I’m back and this is going to be used more often. Like weekly.

I Should Really Add to this…

So yeah. Summer project. Kind of finished really. Well apart from writing something that will create a library of discovered Artists for referencing when sorting. That’s on the to-do list sometime. But it’s the Summer so it’s kind of difficult to get motivated to do something that essentially isn’t needed really.

That said I have been messing around with XML. Nothing fancy just adding lines into a XML file so that when it gets passed through another executable they get read and ‘stuff happens’. I didn’t make that executable though (I’m not on that level just yet) but getting my head around the structure isn’t too bad a thing. Also dammit Skyrim, you’re sucking me back in. For now.

To Boldly Go…

Star Trek: Beyond. I honestly can’t think of a problem with you like I can the previous 2 films. I remembers that Star Trek is Sci-Fi adventure, with more on the Science than the Fiction, as opposed to space-action-stuff. Well worth it.