My Work Here is Done…

So that little project to reorganise my music files? And then to also be able to copy files from someone else’s music collection, check if I have the same file and copy it over if I don’t? Done.

I had a few moments where I panicked granted, thought it was a bit beyond my abilities. I’m new, still learning. Things like that happen. So lets take a look at some before and after shots shall we:

Before (backed up status of the music folder prior to sorting):

2016-07-26 (1)

After (status of folder after sorting and adding more Daft Punk than I had)


Now yes this does look a little more all over the place. There are 3 folders for ‘Ghost in the Shell’ for example, amongst others that have split a little as well. However it’s all sorted by Artist (or contributing artist technically) and into the corresponding album. Does it matter that it’s not done manually like the first picture, or that some have multiplied and split albums across 2 or 3 folders? Well not really. I use Winamp when listening to music, I very rarely look inside my Music directory. So as long as it’s sorted and I have a way of adding to it that keeps it in a sorted state, how it looks doesn’t really matter.

Things I can add:

Artist Recognition. 3 Ghost in the Shell folders aren’t really needed.

Japanese/Chinese character recognition. You can’t see but at the end of the sorted folder is around 20 tracks not sorted into an artist or album due to Japanese characters in the file metadata.


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